You may know someone who has a car that is just sitting around and hasn’t ran in years. If you do, let them know that We Buy Cars San Diego wants to give them cash for their junk car. This is true. We buy cars regardless of their condition. If you have a car that you want to sell to us, we are more than happy to give you something for it, cash. It’s often difficult for people to believe that they can really get money for a car that isn’t running but we assure you that you can. You don’t have to go another day looking at that car sitting in your garage that is no longer working. Here is a partial list of the sort of vehicles we buy:

*Wrecked cars
*Non-operating cars
*Junk cars
*Running cars
*Salvaged cars
*Lost titles

Give us a chance to prove all of the skeptics wrong. You can do this by giving us a call to find out what you can get for your car. The process that we have in place is quit simple. We don’t have any hidden fees that you’ll have to pay us later. Give us a call if you can use some cash in your pocket. Look at how easy our process is:

1. Get a no-obligation quote
2. Accept the offer
3. The payment and pickup of your car

If you appreciate that we will give you cash for a car, regardless of the condition of the car, you’ll be even more excited to see these other benefits:

  • *We come to your location
  • *We handle all of the paperwork
  • *There is no towing fee
  • *We can often pickup the car the same day
  • *We are bonded & licensed
  • *It is a fast cash transaction

You may often hear the expression that if it sounds to good too be true it is. Well, in most cases this is often true. However, in our case, this isn’t true. At We Buy Cars San Diego, we actually will give you cash for your cars. They also don’t believe the hype. We definitely want you to believe the hype about our buying your car for cash. You can do us and yourself a huge favor when you sell us your junk cars. We do this every day and our customers are happy when they take the first step in calling us. CALL NOW: (619) 600-5102