We Offer Cash For Cars

It is true that you can get cash for your junk cars at We Buy Cars San Diego. We love giving people the cash that they need, when they need it. If you have any unanticipated bills or just want some extra spending money, why not give us a call. We also want you to be environmentally responsible. This is as easy as giving us a call so that we can properly disposal of the components of your vehicle. When you do not dispose of these components correctly, here are the affects to our environment:

*Sodium azide (found in air bags)
*Car fluids
*Waste of gasoline
*Acid from the battery
*Metal pollution

This may never have crossed your mind and that is why we are bringing this information to your attention. By calling on us, you can contribute to helping the environment. We gladly follow the many regulations that are in place for properly disposing of the components of your car. After the parts have been removed, such as, air bags, windows, fluids and filters, they will be properly disposed of. Do everyone a favor and give us a call. We want to buy your junk cars and put cash in your hand. You can act responsibly just by doing that one simple thing. Leave the rest up to us.

If you have ever tried selling a car on your own before, we are sure you know how frustrating this can be. Think of how much more frustrating it could be trying to sell a car that doesn’t look nice or isn’t running. Some people will try to convince you to sell them the parts of your car. Why sell parts of a car when you can have the entire thing removed for more money than you’d probably receive for just parts. Don’t waste your time trying to sell a car on your own. Its a lot easier when you call on We Buy Cars San Diego to come and take the car away for you and give you cash for doing so. If you can afford to turn down cash money, you are among the very few that can. We don’t come across many people in this line of business that are able to or willing to, turn down the money that we offer to them for their junk car. We buy junk cars and give you the money you need and deserve. CALL TODAY: (619) 600-5102